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As I can participate in the selection process Proinval?
Please enter your information in this website in the section: send us your CV?

As I can know if my data has been entered correctly?
When you register your CV, you will receive an e-mail to confirm the proper recording of data.

Although I entered my details, I send my CV customized. "I can do? How?
When you enter your personal data entered in the form you will find the ability to attach files. You can attach up to three documents in various formats, including Word and jpg.

What requirements must I meet to qualify for practice in Proinval?
You must be a student or recent graduate with no previous professional experience.

You must have previously Proinval an agreement with my college or school?
Yes Without an agreement and / or cooperation framework agreement between the university or educational institution, and Proinval, you can not participate in our internship program.

At what time can do the practices?
The duration of the internship depends on whether you have completed your studies. If you are studying the practices will be conducted during the current year and up to five hours a day. In the case of being entitled (FP, Diploma, Degree), the exercises were performed throughout the year, with a maximum of eight hours.
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08850 GAVÀ - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: +34 93 836 39 22
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