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This is the way of the water ...
The first step is to collect water from its birth, from dams or groundwater. Just after is treated with various chemical or biological processes, which itself depends on the proper quality of the water, then is distributed by pressure to the "castles in the water”. From this point is ensured the delivery pressure (from 3 to 10 bar) and the water is directed by a network of pipes to residential areas, business, etc.

After use, the sewage is carried in transit to the disposal facility that integrate stormwater, and are then treated in a wastewater treatment plant. Through various processes of decontamination and filtration, the water can go back again to the environment.

PROINVAL brings experience and know-how in the field of wastewater.
Our valves provide effective solutions for filtering and circulation of wastewater, serving that way and always to the specific needs of each project.

Our Ball valves are a true reflection of a product referenced in the water purification stations - WWTP. And our Biexcentric Butterfly Valves have several approvals of institutions such as Canal Isabel II in Madrid, Spain.

Certificate Homologation Canal Isabel II

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