"Make It Better With Our Valves"


The technical support we can provide you can be, on different ways:

-       In our warehouses:

In Proinval, thanks to our workshop, to our profesional teamGracias a nuestro taller, a nuestro equipo de profesionales and to our tools, we may modificate, repair, retouch the valves as you need it, before the delivery, or, if it’s necessary, after they had been send back to our warehouse.

-       On the plant, where the valve is established:

Our workshop and our technical office may  visit directly the plant where is installed the valve, after informing costs of such trip, in order to determinate the problem and repare it or, giving the customers all details to do it himself, depending on the case.

-       By phone or mail:

As our technical office speak Spanish and English, we may correctly understand you, for domestic matters or international ones. Moreover, our international sales department will give you suppot in French, Italian, Romanian, Slovak or Polish…

Customer’s testimony:

Filipe: Thanks to an email with a simple sketch, we determined from where was coming the problem of one of the 1-phase electric actuator. We had connected them in parallel, when, for our installation, it was impossible. They were very efficient and very professional.

Contact information
Av. Bertrán y Güell, 44, Nave C
08850 GAVÀ - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: +34 93 836 39 22
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