"Make It Better With Our Valves"


Material Composition Testing, Painting Quality Tests, Hydraulic tests and all that entails the quality of the product is our daily bread. Our quality department has extensive experience in the industry and the professionals who care about the product from the supervision of the material for casting, during the tests that ensure its good performance, up to the secure delivery of the material to the customer.

We have at our disposal a modern hydrostatic test equipment valves which uses a digital control for the selection of the parameters of test and a control panel for the activation of the different hydraulic and motorized circuits.All the functions of the machine are controlled in real time by a computer that automatically tests once the valve installed.


  • Vertical Press of 150 metric ton.
  • Motorized horizontal movement table of positioning of the valve and vertical closing flange.
  • Jaws to take hold the inferior flange for inspection of the closing of the valves.
  • Control panel for all the functions of filling, purge, trim, etc.
  • Test of valves of height up to 1500 mm.
  • Test with wather& air.
  • Possibility of sense changing of the fluid for test of valves in both directions.
  • Vacuum pump for the cleaning and observation of losses of closing.
  • Capacity of bench test DN-6 -: - DN-800.
  • Capacity of test outside bank DN900 -: - DN-1200.
  • Digital panel for the selection of the test parameters.
  • Automatic test controlled by computer.
  • Impression of the test results
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