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Policy and Environmental Quality of BV Proinval is born down the desire to create a new supplier in the field of storage and distribution of rotary pumps, valves and additional accessories for pipes, capable of providing the best solutions to the most demanding customers with all quality assurance in accordance of development down responsible and respectful environment.

Our Policy is based on the following pillars:

* Direct all efforts towards continuous improvement of both product quality and process efficiency, and environmental impact produced by these processes, so that the resilience of Proinval BV. exceeding market expectations.

* Focus on quality as a means of differentiating services and managing the processes that shape Proinval BV.

* Optimization of the Management System as improving the quality and environmental performance, efficiency condition the profitability of the company.

* Engaging and motivating staff in all activities related to process improvement, through training mechanisms.

* Approach and environmental quality objectives based on improving the system and processes seeking the highest quality of services and minimal environmental impact.

* Commitment to achieving full compliance with customer requirements and legal requirements and other requirements related to the organization takes its environmental or quality of their products.

To guide environmental management, towards the prevention of pollution, including within it, optimizing the consumption of natural resources and raw materials, air emissions, effluents, waste, noise and other environmental impacts can be identify the processes involved in the organization.
In order to achieve continuous improvement of the system, BV Proinval brand quality and environmental objectives as a frame of reference of this Policy and Environmental Quality.

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Av. Bertrán y Güell, 44, Nave C
08850 GAVÀ - Barcelona (Spain)
Tel: +34 93 836 39 22
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