"Make It Better With Our Valves"


And how has been done Valves in Proinval?
First of all we have to stand up and speak about the process of the manufacture of our products and the knowledge we have about it.

The valves remain even today an almost hand-made product, because the most advanced technologies are until now unable to undertake a virtual monopoly in the process that keeps being the same and conserves the same steps during the centuries.

The cast must have the best features, but we must not be less strict with molds that assure us that the body and the valve cover will come out of them as small work of art.

The process of mechanization of each part of the valve should be as thorough as possible and appropriate for each of the components the way that at the end fit during the mounting with other pieces to perfection.

The process of painting, the corresponding micron, color and good adhesion is aalways just another important step for Proinvalto get a quality product.

And from the beginning, during and after the manufacture the quality tests guarantee the proper functioning of the valves themselves.

Let's talk about them.

Because we want you to get to know the BVP-Gate Valve 70C, Butterfly Valves BVP-79g, Butterfly Valve Bi-eccentric BVP-79BX, Proinval Check Valves BVP-08, Ball Valves and BVP-07 BVP Knife Gate Valves -77 and the rest which you might find here… And we would like you to get to know that Valves are the protagonists.

Proinval valves.

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